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At TwitchCon 2016, the Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch announced Twitch Prime – a premium experience that comes free with Amazon Prime. It gives users access to free games, in-game items, discounts on new releases sold by Amazon during pre-order and for the first two weeks after launch.

In addition to this, it brings ad-free viewing, exclusive emotes, a chat badge, and one free channel subscription every 30 days. While Amazon Prime is present in India, Twitch Prime will only work in US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

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Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime starts with free 30-day trial, then $10.99 a month or $99 per year in the US, CDN$ 79 yearly in Canada, GBP 7.99 monthly in the UK, EUR 50 per year in Germany and France, EUR 19.99 annually in Italy, and EUR 19.95 per year in Spain.

The company also explained that Twitch Turbo – it’s existing premium experience will not be going away. Though it won’t be available anymore in regions where Twitch Prime is present.

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“First, some reassurance: we’re not taking Turbo away from anyone. If you’re a Turbo member, and you prefer to keep your Turbo subscription, you can. But considering everything included with Twitch Prime, we hope you’ll consider upgrading. In regions where Twitch Prime is available (US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), we will no longer take new Turbo subscriptions,” a post on Twitch’s blog reads and instead will roll the following benefits into Twitch Prime: ad-free viewing across Twitch, exclusive emotes (the ones you get with Turbo, plus some new ones), an exclusive chat badge, and 60 days of video storage for past broadcasts. The chat badge is the Twitch Prime crown, not the Turbo badge.”

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If you’re in a country where Twitch Prime is not present, Twitch Turbo can still be used. There are plans for new entitlements each month. To start with Twitch Prime users get new Hearthstone hero Tyrande Whisperwind, and Streamline – a new indie game built for Twitch audiences. During TwitchCon, exclusive skins for moba Smite and Paladins – an Overwatch clone Steam can be obtained as well.

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