Founded in December 2013, OnePlus shot to fame with the launch of its
first smartphone, the OnePlus One. Since then, the company has definitely been through
some ups and downs, and Gadgets 360 recently caught up with OnePlus
founder Carl Pei, who is visiting India presently.

the launch of the OnePlus One, the company’s invite-only sales model was heavily criticised. And while the OnePlus 2 was meant to be ‘the
2016 flagship killer’
that didn’t really work out.

That was one of
the reasons why OnePlus almost took a year before launching the OnePlus
3. The OnePlus 3 is getting a lot of praise again, and so it made sense
to ask Pei about what the different factors are that the company looks
at when launching devices.

“So we look a lot at
the feedbacks which users give us, and even on our phone box it says
created together with our fans,” says Pei. “We have a lot of questions
on our forums from users and we take a lot of them in.”

“Our users definitely think that the OnePlus 3 is better than the
OnePlus 2,” Pei adds, saying the design is one of the stark changes on
the new device.

Apart from design though, the new
phone also comes with upgrades such as the OnePlus Dash charger, which
he believes will be a major differentiator. “In a car when your GPS is
on, the regular phone gets hot and you cannot charge it,” Pei explains.
“But the Dash charger doesn’t make the phone hot and is different from
other charging technologies.” He adds that that OnePlus 3 users with the
Dash charging can actually get longer shelf life from the battery
compared to those using the normal chargers.

A lot of users last year complained about the missing NFC feature
from the OnePlus 2, and it’s made a comeback in the OnePlus 3. Pei says that this is
because the use cases for NFC are maturing with rollouts in the payments

“Like this year, Android Pay rolled out in
the UK and other markets so it [NFC] becomes more relevant in terms of
devices,” he explains, adding, “It’s around the corner. For the Indian
market, I believe Paytm should bring the feature to the
market soon.”

On the OnePlus X getting dumped and why we shouldn’t expect a successor, Pei starts off saying, “Not as of now. We don’t have any plans.”

He explains that the pricing at which the OnePlus X was launched
globally, consumers can go for any branded smartphone at the same price.
“There are so many companies who make cheap phones. We were never a
brand that competed with other handset manufacturers on pricing,” he

“When we develop products, we look at Apple
products a lot in terms of how we optimise them,” says Pei. “For
example, we optimise the framework to see how fast everything should
feel like how the animations, menu. There cannot be any frame drops. So
all these details matter a lot. But when you are just saying this is the
product, these are specifications”

Talking about the criticism that the OnePlus 2 “2016 flagship killer”
got last year from reviewers Pei responds saying, “I got a little pissed
off when I saw reviews of the OnePlus 2 that only included the name,
product specifications, price, and worth a buy. It’s very rare that
someone actually experiences the product.”

Pei also
confirmed that the Soft Gold variant of the OnePlus 3 should launch in
India in the coming weeks. He declined to comment on an exact date just
saying, “expect it real soon.” At the launch of the OnePlus 3 last
month, Pei had revealed that the Soft Gold colour variant should be made available sometime in the second half of July.

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