We’ve been watching joyfully from the sidelines as the prices on two of the best phones on the market – the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro – have slowly dropped. But as if these price cuts haven’t been enough, Huawei is now also throwing in a free smartwatch.

OK, we know why prices have been dropping and we can assume it’s the same reason the watch is being thrown in – the Huawei ban.

While there was a time just a few weeks ago where that would have put us off, with the long list of back-up plans from Huawei – such as moves to remove the ban and trade deals being signed – it’s looking like Huawei might be back in the clear (although what will actually happen next is anybody’s guess).

So with that in mind, we’ve listed the best Huawei P30 deals and Huawei P30 Pro deals below, all with the free Huawei Watch GT. However, keep in mind that the offer of the free watch comes to an end on July 31.

Or if price drops, freebies and impressive zoom camera functionality aren’t enough to convince you of these devices, check our guide to the best mobile phone deals for everything else.

Huawei P30 deals + free watch:

Huawei P30 Pro deals + free watch:

How to claim your Huawei Watch GT

Once you’ve purchased your brand new phone, you simply need to wait 14 days from when you bought the handset and then head to this link – there you will find a form to complete from July 15. 

Once you complete the form you will receive your Huawei Watch GT within 30 days. 

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