How Facebook and Twitter Handled Trump’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Covid’ Post

Facebook and Twitter have pledged to keep their networks safe from misinformation about the coronavirus to protect the public’s health. But on Monday, the sites were tested when President Trump posted that people should not be afraid of the disease. “Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life,” Mr. […]

President Trump says he has tested positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump tweeted shortly before 1AM ET on Friday that he and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, following reports White House advisor Hope Hicks, who had traveled with him this week on Air Force One, had similarly tested positive. Trump isn’t the first world leader to contract the coronavirus. Brazilian president […]

Joe Biden and the History of ‘Hidden Earpiece’ Conspiracy Theories

Commentators on the left speculated about a “bulge” in Mr. Bush’s jacket (above), which they imagined concealed a hidden receiver into which Karl Rove, the former president’s political adviser, was speaking. The Bush campaign tried to bat down the rumors, but they persisted, even though no solid evidence ever surfaced. A NASA scientist even got […]

Adobe Lightroom is getting cinema-style color grading

Adobe is adding a new advanced color grading feature to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw, bringing a tool more commonly associated with cinema editing to its pro photography apps. Lightroom will now have a new color grading panel similar to the Lumetri panel from Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editor, letting you separate out midtones […]

Amazon Alexa: How developers use AI to help Alexa understand what you mean and not what you say

Amazon Alexa: How developers use AI to help Alexa understand what you mean and not what you say Length: 29:48 | Sep 25, 2020 The developers and engineers on the Alexa Smart Home team use a variety of mechanisms, including AI and ML, to help Alexa better understand your voice requests. Source link