Monthly Archives: September 2020

Joe Biden and the History of ‘Hidden Earpiece’ Conspiracy Theories

Commentators on the left speculated about a “bulge” in Mr. Bush’s jacket (above), which they imagined concealed a hidden receiver into which Karl Rove, the former president’s political adviser, was speaking. The Bush campaign tried to bat down the rumors, but they persisted, even though no solid evidence ever surfaced. A NASA scientist even got […]

Adobe Lightroom is getting cinema-style color grading

Adobe is adding a new advanced color grading feature to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw, bringing a tool more commonly associated with cinema editing to its pro photography apps. Lightroom will now have a new color grading panel similar to the Lumetri panel from Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editor, letting you separate out midtones […]

Amazon Alexa: How developers use AI to help Alexa understand what you mean and not what you say

Amazon Alexa: How developers use AI to help Alexa understand what you mean and not what you say Length: 29:48 | Sep 25, 2020 The developers and engineers on the Alexa Smart Home team use a variety of mechanisms, including AI and ML, to help Alexa better understand your voice requests. Source link

Justice Department opposes TikTok’s request for injunction in new filing

The Justice Department filed its opposition Friday to TikTok’s request for an injunction against the Trump administration’s looming ban of the app, and the agency pulled no punches. The DOJ says blocking the the ban would “infringe on the President’s authority to block business-to-business economic transactions with a foreign entity in the midst of a […]

TikTok Files for Injunction to Stop Ban of App

SAN FRANCISCO — TikTok, the short-form viral video app, asked for a preliminary injunction against the Trump administration on Wednesday, a legal maneuver aimed at protecting the company’s service in the United States against a potential ban. The request, filed in the District Court for the District of Columbia, is in response to Commerce Department […]

Microsoft is pausing Xbox Design Lab on October 14th, before you get to unwrap your Series X

If you are planning to design your very own Xbox controller ahead of the Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10th, you might want to act fast. Microsoft is temporarily shutting down its Xbox Design Lab on October 14th. Announced back in 2016, Xbox Design Lab brings a lot of flexibility and personal […]