Microsoft is pausing Xbox Design Lab on October 14th, before you get to unwrap your Series X

If you are planning to design your very own Xbox controller ahead of the Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10th, you might want to act fast. Microsoft is temporarily shutting down its Xbox Design Lab on October 14th. Announced back in 2016, Xbox Design Lab brings a lot of flexibility and personal […]

What classic software developers need to know about quantum computing

What classic software developers need to know about quantum computing Length: 22:48 | Sep 18, 2020 Abe Asfaw, Global Lead, Quantum Education and Open Science at IBM, talks with Bill Detwiler about the 2020 IBM Quantum Challenge and the new concepts developers need to understand when trying to write programs for quantum computers. Source link

TikTok Accepts Deal Revisions as Trump Prepares to Review Proposal

WASHINGTON — The Chinese company that owns TikTok has accepted the Trump administration’s changes to a deal designed to mitigate the White House’s concerns that the popular app poses a national security threat, two people with knowledge of the talks said. The Treasury Department, which leads a group reviewing the deal for national security purposes, […]

ByteDance’s Need for a TikTok-Oracle Deal: China is Slowing

ByteDance declined to comment. Mr. Zhang of ByteDance believed early on that only by having an international presence could his company compete on the level of Google, Facebook or Amazon. As ByteDance grew, he encouraged employees to adopt what he called a “Martian” perspective on business. He wanted them to think of ByteDance not as […]

The Xbox Series S plays Xbox One S versions of Xbox One games

Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S should offer impressive next-gen performance for its $299 price, but where does that leave the Xbox One X? According to Microsoft, the 4K-targeting Xbox from 2017 will still hold some advantages over the Series S — at least when it comes to running Xbox One X-enhanced current-gen games. “Xbox Series […]