Despite having only released last year, the Nintendo Switch has already cemented itself as a must-have console. The hybrid hardware provides handheld fun wherever you go, or full-screen escapades when you feel like playing the traditional way. 

An abundance of games have released for the Switch, but the problem is that they can often be pricey – as modern gaming is not cheap. That’s what makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday so important. Retailers typically shift their old stock just before Christmas to make room for new items – meaning they offer it cheaper than normal.

So, If you’re looking to grab some discounted Nintendo Switch games in the run up to Christmas, keep an eye on this page as we’ll be constantly updating it in order to help you find the right deals, and the best methods of bagging bargain Nintendo Switch games.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday takes place on the Friday just after the Thanksgiving holiday. This year it falls on November 23 2018, but we will start seeing deals trickling in from the start of November.

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday immediately following Black Friday. So this year, Cyber Monday is on November 26.

How to get the best Nintendo Switch game deals on Black Friday

Last year’s Black Friday Nintendo Switch game deals left a lot to be desired. As the console had only released a few months prior (and Nintendo isn’t known for discounting its items), there was little in the way of deals on Nintendo Switch bundles, accessories and games. Although we’re more likely to see discounts this year, the pickings may still be slim.

“With parents on the march for great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Nintendo Switch is bound to star too,” said TechRadar deals expert Brendan Griffiths. “Amazon Prime Day deals for the Switch were, to put it mildly, absolutely awful. Overpriced, stuffed with accessories you probably didn’t want, with the smallest of discounts possible. The Switch bundle discounts really are slow outside of Black Friday generally. The console alone is still around £280, sometimes with a free cheap game that you arguably don’t want (Lego Worlds), or one you’ve played on other formats (Rayman Legends).”

So what actually was on offer last year and what are we likely to see discounted this year?

“Last year’s best Black Friday deal was for the limited edition Mario console (comes with two Mario-red Joy-Cons) and Super Mario Odyssey for £279.99 (you were looking at £330 usually),” said Griffiths. “Given the Switch is probably going to be a massive seller regardless of price in November and December, we should probably manage our expectations of big discounts. We’re not going under that £200 barrier. 

“Outside of any crazy lightning deals, I think £250, hopefully with a couple of Nintendo’s exclusives like Zelda, Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2, is what we’re hoping to see. The new Pokémon Let’s Go games for the Switch will have only just been released around Black Friday so discounts could be quite rare there, but I think a Switch and Pokemon game bundle around £300 would be a decent offer to snap up for Pokémon fans (you can order special edition bundles now for around £340).”

The Nintendo Switch games we want this Black Friday

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is exactly what it says on the tin – with everyone’s favorite plumber and friends trying their hand at tennis. Making use of the Switch’s Joy-Con motion controllers, Mario Tennis Aces will take you back to the days of Wii Tennis. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Image: © Nintendo)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild was released last year, but it’s still considered the best Nintendo Switch title to date. We didn’t see much of a discount on the title last year, so if you’ve been holding out to give one of the best games of 2017 then your chance to get it at discount could be coming. 

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