While writing about her neural network-generated paint color names, Gizmodo’s Ryan Mandelbaum mentioned the issues craft brewers were having coming up with names for their beers — issues that have at times led to legal action. Not long after that, with the help of a Gizmodo reader who put together a dataset of beer names culled from BeerAdvocate.com, Shane plugged the names into a neural network and out popped a bunch of new names for brewers to use.

Shane has posted a lot of the names on her blog, but there were so many, all of them wouldn’t fit. Some of my favorites include Toe Deal, Heaven Cat, Sacky Rover, Borb! and I the Moon. If you want more, you can sign up through Shane’s blog to get 100 additional names. “For these names I turned the neural network’s creativity variable higher and got results that can be described mainly as … interesting,” she said on the blog. “And of course, there’s the inevitable beer named Fart. (It’s a stout. Of course it’s a stout.)”

Image: lewisandquark.tumblr.com

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