Sabrina Pasterski, 22, will graduate from Harvard with the world at her feet, looking skyward. Picture: Michael Noble Jr./Chicago Tribune/TNS

“I TOLD you, Daddy, I told you,” Sabrina Pasterski shouted excitedly before her father wrapped her up in an embrace. “Oh my God, it’s so amazing,” she said, then she broke into a short jig.

Sabrina, then aged just 13, had reason to celebrate. It was 2006 and the young Chicago native has just reached a milestone. While other barely teens are playing video games and sleeping in, Sabrina is laying the final touches on a single-engine aircraft she had built from scratch in a workshop in her father’s garage.

“It’s amazing, it just starts spinning. It’s awesome,” she said after the first test of the engine, one that took her 363 days to finish.

The plane was a sign of things to come. Fast-forward nine years and the now-22-year-old is being held up as a the “new Einstein”, a young woman whose brain works in ways few have ever worked and whose future is limitless.

She regularly features in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and she graduated from one of the world’s most prestigious schools with the highest score possible.

If you haven’t heard of her, you’re not alone. But the world will soon know her name. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate is next in line — behind Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein — to take the mantle as the world’s most talented thinker.


Ms Pasterski has already graduated from MIT with a perfect grade point average of 5.00. She’s now studying for her doctorate at another school you may have heard of: Harvard. When she graduates, she’ll likely be able to work wherever she pleases.

Jeff Bezos, aerospace developer and founder of, has extended an open invitation for Ms Pasterski to join him whenever she likes. NASA is reportedly also interested in recruiting her.

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